Welcome to Beau Johnston's official home page.

Beau has always had an active (some might say overactive) imagination. He has always enjoyed telling creepy tales on long car trips or during black-outs and thunderstorms.

Beau completed his first novel Sleep With One Eye Open, in 2014. The dark and disturbingly realistic tale quickly gained a following, with many readers demanding a sequel.

Devoting most of his spare time to writing, Beau completed Sleep With One Eye Open: Ghost, in September 2015. The story is more unnerving than the original, and far more devious.

In November 2017 Beau completed his third book, Sleep With One Eye Open: Shadow. This gave him the opportunity to explore the psychological side-effects of having to do horrible things simply to survive another day.

Be sure to come back to the site regularly for Beau’s monthly blog, and for news updates. His blog is based on events and situations in his life that inspired him to become self-reliant and a resource for those around him. His blog topics including: self-defence, disaster preparedness, home security and camping tips. Since commencing his blog, Beau has received some great feedback from people; letting him know how information from a particular blog helped them out of a difficult situation, and thanking him for sharing his knowledge.

If you would like to know more about Beau and his writing, please browse through the website. If you would like to contact Beau, you can email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..