I have been an avid fan of horror stories since early childhood. It didn't matter if the story came from books, comics or movies, as long as it was dark. My favourite stories were the tales that sounded like they might actually be true. As I entered my teenage years, the local library and video store featured among my regular haunts.

Since my mid-teens, I have studied a variety of martial arts and self-defence styles. I rose through the ranks where I gained the opportunity to teach, and share my knowledge. Driven by my dark imagination and the ability to phrase things in a way that people instantly understand, I saw an opportunity to entertain as well as educate. I combined my life-long interest in horror stories with my many years of experience in self-defence to write my first novel Sleep With One Eye Open, in 2014.

Many of my readers have contacted me to let me know they enjoyed the story because it was told in a way that they could imagine the horrific events taking place in the street outside their homes. Without exception, each one demanded to know when the sequel was scheduled for release.

In September 2015 I completed Sleep With One Eye Open: Ghost. The story is more unnerving than the original, and far more devious. Instead of quenching their thirst, this book only created more demand.

In November 2017 I completed Sleep With One Eye Open: Shadow, the third book in what has now become a series.

I also write a blog on the first Thursday of each month. The posts are based on events and situations in my life that inspired me to become self-reliant and a resource for those around me. Blog topics including: self-defence, disaster preparedness, home security and camping tips.

I live on the Mid North Coast, NSW Australia, where I am currently working on my fourth novel, and a book of short stories. My other interests include archery, kayaking and listening to music.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Beau's books, you can contact him on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.