Thursday 02/02/17

Welcome to my 76th blog post. When I began writing my blog in September of 2014, I never imagined that it would have lasted for so long, or that I would have gained so much by sharing my knowledge and experiences with you. Over the last two and a half years I have received some fantastic feedback from some of my readers, letting me know how my various blog posts have helped to get them out of trouble, or to avoid trouble all together. I want to thank everyone who have not only taken the time to visit this page, but to read and share the information with their loved ones.

But fear not! I will continue to share my stories in my blog. Topics will still include self-defence, disaster preparedness, home security and camping tips; but I will also include interesting anecdotes from daily life (and funny stuff other people have done in front of me – I will change the names of the guilty, mostly because I don’t want to get sued).

Please be sure to check back regularly for future updates.