Thursday 03/03/16

There are many different types of knots, and each one has a specific purpose. If they are tied correctly, they should be relatively easy to undo.

Unfortunately, we have all encountered the dreaded knot that has gone wrong; and no matter what you do, it won’t come undone. Most commonly, these mutant granny-knots are found in the drawstrings of tracksuit pants (or board shorts), in shoe laces, and the in the ties of your martial arts Gi. And for some strange reason, they also appear in your camping gear (such as guide ropes for your tent..... but you only find these if it is about to rain and you are in a hurry to put-up, or pack-up your camp).

Anyway, we’ve all been there. You’ve tied the drawstring in your pants that little bit too tight, and the knot you tied has mutated into an unsolvable puzzle. You struggle in vain to undo the knot, but it won’t budge (and your ever-filling bladder isn’t helping the situation). The situation appears hopeless.

Fortunately, the solution is simpler than you’d think.

Instead of admitting defeat and reaching for the scissors, grab your pocket knife. Pull the corkscrew out and carefully thread the corkscrew into the offending knot (notice I said carefully, you don’t want to slip and poke yourself in the stomach, especially if you have a full bladder). Now slowly twist the corkscrew, working it into the middle of the knot, until at least one coil of the corkscrew emerges from the other side of the knot. Now jiggle the corkscrew until the knot loosens (which should only take a few seconds).

And there you have it, the knot is undone, and you don’t have to spend the next hour trying to thread a new drawstring through the waistband of your tracksuit pants. And you thought the only reason you had a corkscrew on your pocket knife was so you could drink wine when you went camping.

Go and grab an old piece of string and give this a go. When you’re finished doing that, share this blog with your friends on social media. Information is only useful if it is shared.