Thursday 07/07/16

There’s no doubt about it; Old Man Winter has us in his icy grip. Along with the cold weather come the thicker clothes and sturdier shoes. I appreciate winter on the east coast because we get to enjoy a few weeks of cooler temperatures before returning to the next long, hot summer.

Another reason I enjoy winter is the opportunity to comfortably wear long pants and jackets. Recently I was in the city and had to wait for an appointment, so I passed the time by watching the people on the street. At first, the crowd was just a blur of winter fashion. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to individuals that I saw some of the impractical clothing choices they had made.

Long coats were the first thing I noticed. As much as I like long coats, they aren’t very practical, especially if they touch the ground. Not only do they drag over things you wouldn’t touch with your bare hands, they drag through puddles. Unfortunately, not all of those puddles are clean, wholesome rainwater. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Jeans are a practical clothing choice if they fit you properly. In the space of twenty minutes I saw at least a dozen men wearing pants that looked like they belonged to a younger sibling. The legs were so tight it looked like they were wearing leggings, and they were so short the waistband sat below their bum cheeks. Even if these are the height of fashion, they will restrict your movement in an emergency situation.

Hooded jumpers. I have mentioned these before, but during my trip I saw someone step out in front of a car, so I’ll mention them again. Hooded jumpers eliminate your peripheral vision, and restrict your hearing. Hooded jumpers are great for keeping warm when you’re out camping, but they are not a good choice for walking around the city (especially if your face is buried in the screen of your smartphone).

I was glad to see that boots are very popular this year. Well I was, until I noticed the thin flexible soles that so many people have chosen to purchase. Smooth leather soles seem to be the sole of choice. Having worn business shoes I know from experience just how slippery these soles are. You’ll need sturdy, non-slip soles to keep you safe; save the smooth soles for dance floor.

I know my advice won’t help you win any fashion awards, but it will help you avoid slipping, tripping, getting run over, or dragging something gross onto your carpet. If you know someone who could use a little help choosing more appropriate attire this winter, please share this blog with them on your social media page.