Thursday 07/06/18

Food allergies are becoming more common. If you don’t have an allergy, it is likely one of your friends or a family member does. If not, you are indeed fortunate; but that doesn’t excuse you from tonight’s discussion.

Knowing about the allergy isn’t enough, you need to know how to help them if something goes wrong. You can take all the necessary precautions concerning their food, but takeaway food joints and restaurants can make mistakes where food allergies are concerned.

If someone begins to exhibit symptoms of an allergic reaction, seconds count! Common symptoms include: tingling of the tongue, lips, or the inside of their mouth; swelling lips, face, or eyes; hives, welts, or red skin on the face, throat, or neck.

If they have a severe allergy, they should have an EpiPen with them at all times. If they need help and they hand the EpiPen to you, don’t hesitate, USE IT! Don’t be afraid of it, or of hurting them. Use the EpiPen then immediately call for an ambulance on 000 (if you live in Australia).

They need your help; please don’t let them down.

























This is how I remember what to do:
1. Blue to the sky
2. Orange to the thigh
3. Hammer fist
4. Flip the clip (.....the blue cap)
5. Punch the leg

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