When I wrote this story, I wanted it to be unique. Ignoring the fact that the book is about zombies, I've tried to keep the story as realistic as possible.

The book is set in Australia, and in Australia we have very strict laws governing gun control and gun ownership, so there is no way the main character could stumble across the caches of high-powered (and often military grade) firearms that appear in other stories of this genre. So no; there probably won't be head-shot after head-shot to eliminate the approaching wave of undead. (Have you ever tried to shoot a target about the size of a cantaloupe? Now put that target 50 or 100 or 200 or even 500 meters away. Now get this tiny target to wobble along at an unsteady shamble. Now factor in a cross breeze. That sort of targeting is the stuff of legends. I know I couldn't pull it off; I haven't had that level of training).

The main character in my story has to rely on basic disaster preparedness training as well as self-defense training. The same sort of training that is available to any member of the public if they are willing to dedicate the time to learn.

The story starts in Sydney, Australia; but I can't disclose where it goes from there without giving away too much, or even the ending.

I found the biggest challenge was writing the self-defense and fight sequences. Teaching self-defense is easy. Putting it into words was difficult.

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