Thursday 03/12/15

Welcome to December and my final blog post for the year. Over the last twelve months I’ve shared a lot of information with you; in turn I hope you have enjoyed my blogs and shared them with your loved ones.

At this time of the year we are all busy and excited in the lead up to Christmas, but we still need to remain vigilant. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a few a few things on the internet that inspired the topic of tonight’s blog..... Holiday Safety.

As the Christmas holidays rapidly approach we need to remember not to overshare our plans on social media. Over the last week or two I have seen a few friends on various social media platforms sharing their holiday plans. Yes, their holidays look exciting and fun; but they include far too many details. Unfortunately, the world isn’t a very nice place anymore; and as such, we need to remember that not everyone on social media can be trusted. We might know who our friends are, but we don’t know who their friends are.

If you are planning to go away on a trip, it would be wise not to advertise the details before you go away. You don’t need the world to know your travel itinerary. Even if you go to the trouble of cancelling the regular deliveries and made the other appropriate arrangements; it will count for nothing if you have already announced to the world when your house will be empty and for how long. Play it safe; keep these details on a strict need-to-know basis. Once you return from your holiday, feel free to share your holiday snaps with your friends.

Another timely reminder for Christmas is to resist the urge to share pictures all your lovely new toys on social media. You don’t want complete strangers seeing everything Santa left under your Christmas tree. The same goes for packaging. If you leave empty boxes for expensive electrical items on the kerb, you are providing thieves with a list of goods they might like to steal.

That’s enough doom and gloom for now. Stay safe and enjoy your end of year break. As usual, please share this information with your friends and family. Information is useless if it isn’t shared.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you and your family.